Chanukah Gelt

I'm so colossally terrible at math - I'm embarrassed by this on almost a daily basis. And while I've come to terms with the fact that I just don't have the head for numbers (and I mean any numbers!), I constantly find myself drawn toward things that would save my girls from a similar fate. That said, I wanted to share two fabulous finance-themed gifts to go with all the gelt

Ikea Duktig Toy Cash Register, $15

seriously, have you ever seen a cuter cash register? those things are usually a heap of plastic gnarliness! plus, the numbers on them are always just there for fingers to fiddle with - this one features an actually functional calculator! genius. (great for kids saving actual money, as well.)

ikea cash register

Storest App by Pixle, $3

it's like the most beloved exhibit at the childrens museum - right there on your couch! i think the store app itself is a fabulous way for kids to explore numbers via prices, addition, and change. the fact that it goes live? that's just fun on steroids. winning.

Wishing you and your littles the happiest Chanukah! Enjoy these goodies, and may the gelt be all year 'round! 

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