The Curriculum

Enter Babyccino. A chic meet for mod moms and their tots. Here you can find everything you need to know to go about setting up your very own Babyccino. From the philosophy behind our signature classes, links to furniture for the Babyccino "classroom", how to create a stimulating and engaging circle time, customize your own Babyccino postcard, set up centers for creative art and expression, Judaic discovery, music and movement, sensory stimulation, dramatic play, parallel play, and social interaction. Here we will guide you in how to cater this class toward the mom, while still being solely focused on the creative and social development of the child. 

To buy the Babyccino curriculum now, just click the button below, and see which series are currently available for purchase. Want a sneak peek? Check out the Gallery for a slew of photo documentation. Continue scrolling through for more details, photos, and testimonials.


A Babyccino Curriculum includes this complete comprehensive package:

  • The rights to use the name “Babyccino” for a 'Mommy and Me'
  • The Babyccino promotional material – text altered to your needs
  • The philosophy behind Babyccino
  • The method to promote the classes
  • The complete classroom layout (including links for furniture purchases)
  • The Circle Time “how-to” (including song playlist and links for props)
  • The fully descriptive 8-class Curriculum (including links for all supplies)

The Curriculum consists of a “theme”/unit, the music playlist for that theme, and 8 detailed classes. It basically lays it all out for you – you can practically spend one Sunday getting things together off the list of items (which you will be able to pull up on-the-go in an app on your phone), set them aside all ready-to-go, and never have to plan another mommy & me again. Seriously.

You can also find Babyccino on Facebook - the page is chock-full of photo albums, and you can get a better idea of what it's all about. 


Here's a little look at what people have been saying about the program:

Thank you Babyccino – this is just what I needed! Menucha does all the prep work for you and with minimal effort you have a beautifully packaged, chic, organized and fun mommy and me. The results are great too as more and more people keep signing up!
— Faya Lipskier - West 60′s, Manhattan
We are loving Babyccino! The Moms can’t wait to see what the theme and activities will be every week. Everything about it is fun, warm, creative, colorful, educational… And so easy for me to prepare! It has been such an amazing way to draw in young families… The first week I had 3 moms, and by my 3rd week I had 12!!
— Chana Herzog - Encino, CA
Babyccino is designed for the busy Shlucha, delivering a quality program without the hassle. It’s creative warm and engaging.
— Shternie Deitsch - Chandler, AZ
Babyccino is embraced by our local moms, grandmas, dads, and most of all by our babies. The program is fun and always has an educational twist. The creativity is what people like most. I often overhear the moms gabbing with each other about how thoughtful and adorable the little nuances are. Everyone walks out happy, and our group has grown by leaps and bounds!!
— Chani Gurkov - Passaic County, NJ
Coordinating programs and events at our Chabad House takes much time and effort, and it’s a great help to have a curriculum to work off of. I love the ideas Menucha puts together in the Babyccino curriculum! She makes it all seem so easy and it is! The parents and children have really enjoyed attending Babyccino!
— Chanie Kramer - Merrick, NY
Being someone who is not education minded, Babyccino is a life saver for me. The program is well thought out and so simple to prepare. I’m not too fond of running programs as I get quite shy. Babyccino comes with a full playlist of awesome songs, I don’t even have to sing if I don’t want to!
— Musia Baumgarten - East Hampton, NY
Babyccino has made the Mommy and Me Class at our new Preschool a popular and fun weekly event!! More importantly, the well prepared, creative and easy to follow ‘lesson plans’ simplify the teacher’s preparation. It even comes complete with a list of supplies to buy or collect before each class!!
I’d highly recommend to any organization looking to create a program that attracts young moms - they will come.
— Chani Schapiro - Preschool of the Arts, NJ
Babyccino saved my sanity in the planning department! We are loving the program – in all its super-fun glory!!
— Feigie Ceitlin - Tucson, AZ

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