Can't coffee in the function without morning???

For years I had been swinging by java joints early in the a.m to cough up the cash for my daily cup of joe. Never mind the other times: in the afternoon for a little work "pick me up", in the evening to meet a friend, or at night to take advantage of the free wifi that came with my late night latte.

Soon after I was married, my husband and I purchased the KRUPS Combination (model XP2070) Espresso/Coffee Maker. I would say it still weighs in as one of my best buys ever!

And I am proud to say that I have made very minimal coffee shop trips since (I can count them on my fingers)!

This machine enables you to brew up to 10 cups of coffee at a time, make the perfect espresso, and froths milk with the touch of a button. It also runs on an easy-to-use digital programming system that lets you set a time to brew coffee, set espresso size and strength, choose steam or hot water - making your mornings just that much happier!

You can get this machine at Bed Bath & Beyond for $249.99 (It's $379.99 at Crate & Barrel and at Macy's), plus add in a BB&B 20% off coupon (which we all get in the mail by the dozen) for a total of $200.oo.

Now, whoever thinks this is a large sum of money for a cup of coffee - I'd like you to start keeping your Coffee Bean/Starbucks/J&J Iced Cappuccino receipts....

Here's a little coffee 101 (p.s. the KRUPS can produce all of the following)...

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