It's all part of the Plan

Here I am again, before another new calendar year, having trouble parting with my planner. What is it about this simple leather bound notebook that keeps me from moving on? Maybe it's the sense of accomplishment - of all those tasks boldly crossed off (• kitchen deep-cleaningspray paint and resurface side tableFreida's well check appointmentpower-point lesson • buy birthday gift for Manash48 hour detox )... Maybe it's just the nostalgia of looking back at early 2009 and seeing those days gone by planned out before me ("reading" newborn baby diapers, transition from bassinet to crib, post-natal workout DVD, day #3 of carrots and peas, chapter 5 of the Ferber book)... I suppose it's all I've experienced, learned, lost sleep over, and accomplished over the past year - all in one hard-to-part-with little book. So I let my new-leather-smelling 2010 planner just sit there, and I write "• move to new planner" in my alloted space for tomorrow, again...

1. (top) Gallery Leather, Leather Handcrafted Weekly Desk Planner $24.00

Great minimalist layout, plus I find it every year at Marshall's for $12.99!

2. MomAgenda Desk Planner $31.50

Unique week-at-a-view layout for Mom and up to four children!

3. MomAgenda, Personal Portfolio in Crocodile $123.25

Beloved MomAgenda layout, in a runway worthy refillable portfolio.

4. Sarah Pinto, Green Polka Dot Weekly Planner $25.00

5″ by 7″ planner can fit in your day bag, on recycled paper with soy based ink.

5. Bob's Your Uncle, 8 days-a-week Desk Planner $16.00

Designed for those of us who don't get overwhelmed from being overbooked...!

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