In Cold Defense

Flu Season is upon us, and while I can't admit to finding a way to keep our sanity through those never-ending nights with sick kids - I can fill you in on a surefire way to defend yourself and your immune system from catching the many viruses your child is likely to pick up at school. These worked for me loyally through 4 years as a preschool teacher, and as a mom. Take at the onset of any sniffles, coughing, feverish symptoms etc. You can buy all of these products at Whole Foods, or you can get them from Amazon. (Plus, plenty of H²o!)

1. Solgar Vitamin C

Take in abundance, as needed.

2. Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup from Planetary Herbals

A serious boost to your respiratory system - not to be taken lightly. This syrup will immediately rid you of any form of cough/chest congestion - i would swear it's magical!!! (don't use while pregnant/nursing)

3. Freeze Dried Echinacea from Eclectic Institute

Superpower to immunity; kryptonite to colds and viruses.

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