Literary Life Lifters

Before starting an "on my nightstand" catagory and suggesting my current reads, I can't help but pass along these 6 books that have literally changed the quality of my life. Definitely more than worth your time! (these are not in any specific order...)

1) The Money Book for the Young Fabulous & Broke by, Suze Orman

Completely changed the way I think about and defined money. An important (and I'd go so far as to say necessary) read for everyone under the age of 30!

2) The Chassidic Approach to Joy by, Rabbi Shlomo Majeski

Should definitely be in the self-help section at Barnes & Noble! : ) An easy-read that will permanently change the way you look at life, loss, and happiness.

3) A Labor of Love by, Rachel Broncher (thanks Amira!!)

Only labor book you will ever need! Deeply descriptive with step-by-step explanations and guidelines to help you understand precisely what birth is. Hypno-birthing style, unique in continuously focusing on Hashem and emunah.

4) The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands by, Dr. Laura Schlessinger

I can guarantee this book (with a bit of effort) will bring your marriage much closer to peaceful, simple, enjoyable, perfection! An eye-opener to understanding men and their (oh-so-simple!) needs. A must read for every wife, and bride!

5) Kosher Sex by, Shmuley Boteach

Can't quite figure out where all the controversy came from with this publication - I find it a refreshingly honest book, teaching bedroom basics based mostly on Jewish teachings of love, intimacy, and relationships in general. It enhanced my life, as I am sure it will many others... Again, I feel it's a great read for every wife and bride.

6) Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by, Dr. Richard Ferber

The "ferberizing" method - down pat. Get back to your normal routine, sleep through the night, and embrace the extra energy - all while providing your child with lifelong healthy sleep habits! I wasn't able to turn on my iPod and let my child "cry it out" like some other moms suggested - but I was able to follow Dr. Ferbers specific sleep-training chart. The results are incredible (and believe it or not, quite easily attained)!!!

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