My Craigslist Miracle : )

We had been longing for a FLOR® arrangement for Freida's room, but weren't ready to dish out over $250 for something large enough to cover the area I had in mind. I can be very persistent in knowing what I want, and NOT caving into getting something to work in the meantime. I'd rather go without anything until I find exactly what I am looking for (e.g we had a couch-less apartment for 5 months after getting married)! So I was a bit shocked when I found myself (several times) ready to buy a (much too typical) rug in leu of what I wanted..... never came to actually buying it though, thank gd! We had been on a constant Craigslist search, but everyone was selling black, brown, and tan tiles. Much too lame. On Tuesday my husband told me that he thinks he came across the perfect find - he showed me the ad and it was way too good to be true. Yesterday we drove to see it, and sure enough it was impossibly perfect! The colors - spot-on, if not better than what I had in mind! And their home was so chic and clean that it completely quelled my worries of having a pre-owned carpet (which can essentially be on the gross side of the sanitary fence)! The tiles were practically new, and the selling point (drum roll, please): $40 for 20 tiles!!! That's my hashgacha protis for the week : )

FLOR is a great product - you can do wall to wall tiling, or you can put together an area rug, runners, kitchen rug, door mat etc. The best part about them is the absence of carpet cleaners! Just vacuum like regular, and lift up the soiled one(s) to hand wash. My sister gave me a great little tip - a car wash that washed the rugs in the car, will run these through for $1 each!! That's reason enough... Plus when you get a bit bored and are looking for a change, simply switch out some of the tiles for new colors or patterns.

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