Play with your food!

I am a plastic food antagonist. I admit it. It's just one of those things that irk me endlessly. The little velcro circles constantly falling off the "just like home" fruit and veggie sets, the amount of ruckus they produce when being chucked across the room or spilled out of their bins, the BPA and other chemicals found lurking in their DNA... it's just not my thing! I know the better stuff (wood, cotton, wool etc.) is quite a bit more of a burn in the pocket, and while I do feel it's worth it, I'm looking into a couple of DIY food options. Thinking about learning to use a sewing machine (for a number of reasons), I have some great homemade play food ideas using felt. But, until then, I thought I'd share one of my (and Freida's) favorite play food sets. Picked up some of these at a cute little childrens toy boutique while visiting my family in Chicago. Freida was only a few months old and I got them as rattles. She loved them then, and she loves playing with them as food and feeding them to her dolls (and uglydolls) now. I'm sure they advise you to spot clean them, but I can tell you that her watermelon (it was her summer lovey - went with her everywhere!) has gone through quite a few regular laundry loads (dryer included) and has come out perfectly clean and snug. And that's all aside from them being ridiculously adorable! Knit Play Food by, Yellow Label Kids.

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