Fat Blasting, Pole Dancing!

A bedroom worthy workout with fat blasting results! I recently discovered Sheila Kelly S Factor Pole Dancing Workout Classes, and I'm totally stoked!! A class given by women for women, started by Sheila Kelly (ballet dancer, actress, and author) after she discovered the total-body transformation that took place while learning to be an exotic dancer for an acting role. Wanting to share her newfound workout secrets with other women, she launched S Factor; combining ballet, yoga, and striptease dancing to nurture the natural woman shape, providing leaner bodies, health benefits, body-confidence, and empowerment to women of all ages. S Factor (studios in many major cities, featured on Oprah and the Martha Stewart Show), offers the original 8 session series, single classes, private lessons, and private parties! A fun, wholesome environment that teaches women the art of pole dancing, and the beauty and confidence that originates in the curves of the organic female form. Sounds so fun!! Would love to get together a group of girls to tackle the 8 session series with... (let me know if you're interested)!

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