Love & Leftovers

Thought I'd share this great little plastic plate that you can pick up at Target for 94¢ - it was featured for Valentines day, so it's on clearance. Really cute though, and the colors are muted so it doesn't stick out like a kids plastic eye-sore : )

Photographed this; what was on Freida's plate when she started spitting out her food (she generally spits out food when she is done/full), this was after 2 bites of her favorite breakfast! Nothing more aggravating for a mom than working on a meal for your little loved one only to have them spit it out repeatedly, refusing to consume a bit! This is how breakfast, lunch, and dinner go in our household from the time she starts teething until that little tooth breaks...!! We're currently just over the upper fangs, dreading the lower ones that are evidently coming closer each day, and trying to figure out a way to get some sustanance into her tiny little body during the teething process...!

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