Fabulous Plastic Flatware

Pesach on the mind means noticing things that may have otherwise skipped my radar : ) Just remembered this great set of plastic flatware! Another unique product from Kikkerland, this polycarbonate 12 piece set comes in white, pink, or this hottly chic black. Re-usable and dishwasher safe - this is the perfect pre-pesach purchase for those of you who plan on entertaining (or hosting pesach for the first time), but would rather not invest in a full new flatware set. You can throw it out (guiltfree) if it gets kind of gnarly, or you can can be super thrifty and stow away for your next holiday/entertaining venture! A great find to keep bookmarked for birthday parties, sheva brachos etc. Check it out!!

Orleans Flatware 12 peice set $15.99

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