Spring has Sprung!

I hope you all remembered to spring those clocks ahead last night (kinda sucks waking up at the wrong hour!)... I always loved this time of year, but being a mom, I realize how many pleasant benefits come with the springtime time-change (I'm looking forward to a few weeks that start like today's did: not being summoned to the crib with good morning baby-babble until 7:45-am)!! I love having some daylight hours to enjoy in the house after having put the baby down vs. feeling the night is deeply upon us by the time the tot's finally in bed, love that the time-change crept up just as I was trying to move Freida's nap from 9:30-am to 10:30-am (makes it all that much easier now that she won't be wiped out until at least 10-am for the rest of the week!), and simply put I love, love, love this cheerful season! Each year I make it a springtime ritual to buy daffodils every week in spring - it brings some sort of  instant magical joy to the home; and when Trader Joe's offers 10 stems for $1.49, it's much too hard to pass up. The bunches come completely closed but bloom fully over night, promising a touch of springtime and a smile!!

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