Itty Bitty Modern Mini

When we were little there weren't many dollhouses on the market, options ranged from Little Tyke to Fisher Price (which I adored, for the record). I have a special memory (circa, 1989) of my father sitting outside on the back patio applying glue to tiny little shingles for the roof of a beautiful wooden dollhouse he built for my older sister. I don't have many memories of my older sister using it, but I do remember making a trip years later with my mother and grandmother to a downtown store that specialized in "minatures" to fully furnish the dollhouse for my younger sister (somehow in all my tomboy-ish-ness, it skipped me). They carpeted the living room, tiled the kitchen and bathrooms, hung framed art on the walls etc. I even remember a tray of spoon-dropped cookie dough that resided on the kitchen table! While in Chicago last week, I sought to recover the wooden masterpiece with intentions of shipping it to California for little Freida to have some future dollhouse fun. Amazingly, other than a few missing shingles, and a broken banister (couldn't find much of the furniture) - the thing is in great condition (shout out to my folks)! Being that the interior is seriously dated and it would need furnishing, I browsed some dollhouse shopping for the first time and discovered a teeny tiny world filled with hip architecture and awesome interior decor! Happened upon these adorable photos from the New York Times Home & Garden, featured in a slideshow called Modernist Dollhouses. I mean, seriously - look at that 4 inch Eames lounge chair and that tiny Expedit bookcase!!

I also came across this Emerson dollhouse and living room by, Brinca Dada.

I must admit, it does feel a bit weird to be drawing design inspiration from something that can house a family of inchworms, but the bottom line is that apparently this century's dollhouse options are endless!!

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