From Sixx to 9... by design.

I've been a longtime fan of the Novogratz family and their keen eye for immense versatility in design and their ability to remain wholly unique in this modern world of architecture and interiors. My husband is always the form-for-function architect, and I'm always about the artistry (he's super pragmatic about everything and how it works, while I'm more into the depth and warmth an item features). Since Cookie magazine featured a home tour of the Novogratz's New York Marketplace building-turned-home, I've been obsessed with their style. They make things fully functional and family-practical while still looking like they live in a magnificent art gallery (no eye-sores whatsoever)! I've kept up with their company Sixx Design (after their (then) 6 children), and naturally I've ogled over their recently published design book, Downtown Chic. And now, TV's Bravo has introduced the family and their design entrepreneurship to the world and invited us all to take a good look inside their incredible homes and into their design-inspired world. The show, 9 by Design, premiered last week, and airs on Bravo, Tuesday 10/9 central - tune in for some serious decor inspiration!

You can read more about the family and what they're all about in this article for the New York Social Diary.

Here's a little glimpse into what I'm going on about...:

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