Lighten Up!

Apologies for being rather out of commission recently - been busy with a few new projects and exciting aspirations (details may follow) : ) Other than that, I've been surprisingly busy working to transition Freida's nap from 10am to 12pm. I am still shocked at the amount of diligence it took on my part to keep her nice and distracted enough to ensure she stayed awake. Had to revamp our whole schedule (which had worked so beautifully until now, it was hard for me to admit it needed a reroute)!

While researching some playroom lighting options, I came across a new favorite for children's spaces, offices, reading corners etc. The NUD collection offers this: a meager lightbulb on a simple/spunky chord. And I love it.

Hung in a single file, these make a wonderful minimalist lighting exhibit while adding a subtle pop of color (depending on your choice of cord).  Gathered in a cluster, these lights add a bit of industrial-style-whimsy; clean, chic, and modern.

( Image found via Pisarapilvi)

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