Cookies 'n Cream

I made these yummy little freezer treats the day before Shavuos. I agreed to have an extra 3 last-minute guests, and I know 3 people shouldn't make that big of a party difference, but when you're planning on using an 8 seater round table and counting on a cheesecake for 8, I needed a table intervention and another dessert - stat.

I had baked some Neiman Marcus cookies the night before, and had a gallon of vanilla fudge ice cream in the freezer. I tried making ice cream sandwiches with these cookies many times before but they always came out so darn messy looking! With a last minute light bulb idea, and a little help from a cookie cutter; I landed myself a fine lookin' munchie.

Choose a round cookie cutter that's about the same size as the cookies, take the ice cream out to soften a bit, lay some wax paper on a cookie sheet, and spoon the ice cream into the cookie cutter smoothing out the tops. Gently remove the cutter after smoothing each one, and remember to work quickly so the ice cream circles don't melt. Pop the cookie sheet in the freezer overnight to re-freeze the circles. Place the ice cream rounds in between two cookies, and roll in sprinkles (or some ice cream topping novelties: toasted coconut, candied pecans, crushed peppermint etc). Wrap each sandwich in a strip of wax paper to prevent sticking, and tie with a bit of twine to keep the wax strip in place (and to add a touch of whimsy).

I wish I would've thought to take pictures of the steps to share with ya'll - but honestly, I didn't believe they'd come out neat. I know it sounds like a patchke but it's really only two steps - and the visual effect is totally worth the effort. (Next time I make them I'll shoot-as-I-go, and post the tutorial steps with photos.)

At least I grabbed a photo of the finished product leftovers...

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