Cool Little Camper

With summer camp just around the bend, even Super-Moms are likely getting harried from all the extra shopping demands of their oh-so-anxious sleep-away camp Tweens, or their nervous little day-camper-rookies who have scheduled overnights on the mind. Here's a little something to brighten even the most home-sick of nights... Anorak sleeping bags are most famous for their iconic and adorable "kissing animal" prints (you may know of them from these great diaper bags), but the best thing about these sleepers, aside from being the most good looking sleeping bags out there, is that they are made of 100% cotton (hollow fiber fill), and are 100% machine washable!

Now available in a junior size, perfect for your cool little campers!

Anorak Kissing Rabbits and Kissing Robins Junior Sleeping Bags

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