In Daddyland

Happy Sunday everyone, hope your Fathers Day is full of love and laughter... and good eats (we all know that's what matters to 'em)!

I posted a great recipe for Challah French Toast on the FreidaFroo Facebook Page. (If you're a reader and not yet a fan, just letting you in - I often post things (links, videos, snippets etc.)  there that I don't post here on the blog... so join the party and "like" it!) If you're skipping the late brunch and you're more of a dinner family, check out some of the other wonderful recipes on the Epicurious Fathers Day Menu.

On a side note, the kiddos are bound to be super stoked for Toy Story 3 this weekend... The reviews were fabulous, check them here. I'll tell you this; if Freida was of age we'd be joining the throngs at the movies today, kudos to Pixar (and Disney, I suppose). Maybe my man and I will see it on date-night - I won't deny we're kid-movie-lovers! : )


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