What the Nook?!

Everyone seems to be going gaga over this crib mattress - the Pebble by Sleep Nook. Yes, the colors are hotness, and the design is superfluously eye-pleasing. But just read the write-up and weep... (It sounds like we are raising aliens: "The removable surface layer of the Nook Pebble mattress employs a patented asymmetrical design and nano-level technology to maximize breathability. Air flows in valleys between pebbles creating an oxygen-rich crib environment while surface fibers with nano-technology prevent liquids from seeping into the mattress for easy-wipe clean up." Nano what what?)

I happen to be one to cave for excessive features and bells and whistles... but this? Yeah, I loosened the baby budget belt a bit and went for an all-organic-fiber crib mattress (allergies are genetic!), but seriously who markets a mattress for $550? It's a mattress. And all that funky design (I'll give credit where it's due) will be covered up by the crib sheet!

P.S. If you're still feeling the love - buy the pebble wrap and cover your own baby mattress. : )

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