Low-profile Play

If any of you mamas out share my nesting issues; you'll appreciate the concept of a good toy that blends into your home decor. I admit to being a total stickler for organization - i.e toys residing in the play room. And (unfortunately for my children)... I don't see myself wavering that often. It's great to have a nice looking toy bin (or an ottoman with storage) for stashing a few living room play things, but it's especially nice when the toys themselves don't wreak much feng shui havoc (I know, I'm psychotic). Found these wonderful foam blocks at an art store in my neighborhood, I thought they were the perfect weight and size for Freida to learn how to stack and build (to my architect-husband's delight), the fact that they were a well-designed faux bois was just a lovely bonus!

Step2 Soft & Sturdy Timber Blocks $12.71

(They seem to no longer be on the Step2 website, and they were rather difficult to track down online, so if you want some - grab 'em while they're there.)

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