Cutest Critters & Wall Decals

About those Skokie critters... : ) The first thing Freida wants to do here each morning is go out into the backyard and chase the critters. Chipmunks, squirrels, robins, and rabbits - her favorite, are all there playing on the green waiting to greet the day. Her sheer excitement over the little wild things roaming free is uncontainable. She runs after them, one at a time, until they disappear into the shrubbery, laughing gleefully through the whole process. I sip my coffee and relish in watching my little girl's unbridled joy. Summer morning bliss.

All this reminds me of a post I did a while back - these sweet forest wall decals. Feel like I'm here in the forest with all these lil' guys....

I've been helping my sister-in-law (can't wait to see them, Esther!) out with a project this week, so I've got wall-decor on the mind. Check out these retro-chic wallpaper animal silhouettes! Each animal is hand-cut from vintage wallpaper in fabulous patters, bringing a totally designer-style twist to any wall - that will delight artful adults, as well as enchant the kiddos.

Vintage Wallpaper Animal Silhouettes, by Romp.

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