I'm a MoMA Store fanatic!! Heaps and heaps of  independent designeres bringing art at its very best to the rest of us. They do have a selection of sale items from their exhibitions (MoMA is one of the most incredible Museums/Art Galleries! Always hip and always current; if you are in the greater New York area and appreciate the Arts - definitely pencil this in on your itinerary. You can view a list of their current exhibitions here.), but the good stuff is a fabulous array of featured fresh designers and their take on home goods. I got an update from them in my inbox today (don't you just love good email??) and wanted to share their hot new collection for Fall 2010. Here are some of my newbie favorites:

1. Choco Tape Dispenser - nix Office Max and spruce up the workspace.

2. Chairs Wall Calendar - I'm a chair freak, remember?

3. Apple Jars - fresh, vibrant, and not too kitschy for the kitchen. (Honey jar, anyone?)

4. Dustpan & Brush - perhaps I'd be more prone to cleaning if I were using this...

5. Memory Card Reader - multi-tasking minimalist.

6. Mi Chair - speechless.

7. Safe Bamboo Radio - let's hope it's only used as an object of decor, but play it safe.

8. Mix Spoon Set - Wonderful wedding gift (it's been wishlisted).

9. My Backyard BBQ Set - now this is every grillin-daddy's dream!

10. Neo's Baskets - woven. neoprene. need I say more??

11. Rainbow Chopsticks - the life of the sushi party.

12. Washi Paper Masking Tape - I'm japanese tape obsessed.

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