A is for Apple

Day 1 in the Pre-K classroom: seamless. Love being with all those happy, creative, and wonderful little people! I forget how much I love the classroom. The looks on their faces when they get it; the way their eyes light up with wonder...

Being a classroom got me thinking about letters. Be it Aleph-beis or Alphabet, the skill of recognition is integral to education. "Old school, meet new school", is the tagline used for a fabulous new app for kids. I thought once we were already on the Montessori subject, I'd mention the installation of these Montessori apps - to current moms, they're all the rage! Intro to Letters is an app based on the Montessori activity known as Sand Paper Letters, these activities utilize sight, sound, and touch - helping your child learn the letters, as well as the correct method of creating them. Also available is their older release, Intro to Math (which I haven't personally seen, but I'm sure it's just as marvelous!). Something about their overall design is just so visually beautiful. Kudos, Montessorium!

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