A Stroller Saga

There's some new stroller-speak on the street these days... terms like "Urbo" and "Mylo" are now common mom-lingo bywords, overheard at park-playdates and strollersize sessions. I've written previously about the Mylo, but the Urbo is now fresh to the US market, available nationwide sans the exorbitant overseas shipment costs (thanks, Rach!).

Apparently the Urbo has made it to the top of the want-it charts with moms (celebrity and not) wish-listing it as the next big thing. It sure is chic and nimble as it's fame claims, but somehow it got marketed as a cheaper, easier urban stroller... it's claiming to be half the price of other luxe prams and pushchairs, but the truth is the $500 price tag is for the stroller and seat alone. The bassinet will run you another $200 (and adapters for a Graco car seat will run you $60!). So if you've set your heart on this sleek option - don't be fooled by the price. The Mylo, while still running a bit pricier than its' rival, offers all the necessities, but for close to a grand.

In a few words,

Urbo - Pro: aluminum. Con: two-piece fold (how is that any easier than a Bugaboo??).

Mylo - Pro: one-handed, one-piece fold (!!). Con: not available in the US.

Here's their current promotional videos - those of you on the market for a pram can suss it out for yourselves:



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