Sukkah City: NYC 2010

Oh my!! I will not even attempt to describe the mind-blowing awesomeness of one of the most incredible exhibits of all time: Sukkah City: NYC 2010.

Wishing I was in NY right now - would love to see this in person!!! Here's a little glimpse into how truly unbelievable this exhibition is...

Some of the rules: The roof must be made from something that grew in the earth and is no longer attached to the ground, the sukkah must be at least 10 handbreadths tall but not more than 20 cubits, in day; one must have more shade than sunshine, the 3rd wall doesn't need to be complete, at night; one must see the stars from inside the sukkah through the roof.

Some of the Partners: AIA NY, Béhance™, Dwell, Architizer, Core77 etc. (!!!)

Here are a few photos of the winners, but my favorite is that one pictured above (Single Thread, by Matter Practice).

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