Hang-ups on Stroller Storage?

You'd think someone would have thought of this long ago... but it's finally in production, and that's what matters! : ) This minimal stainless hook with an adorable laser cut-out is well thought out and the design execution is fabulous for small apartments, lofts, and homes. The fair folks over at Giggle are now offering us parents a way to save some much needed spacial capacity - collapse that full-size stroller and hang it with the hats and jackets to free up some floor space. I've wish-listed this immediately upon sighting, and can't wait to add it to our "landing strip" plans (that part of our living room is just finally coming to fruition)! So looking forward to getting that thing up off the floor (especially since Freida always winds up with her head in the stroller basket - searching for forlorn lollipops or remnants of day-old ziploc-ed munchies)...

This convenient hook comes in full-size and umbrella-size stroller options, mounts easily (screws included), and features rubber padding to protect your walls. Gotta love compact convenience!

Buggup Stroller Hook from Giggle, from $30.00

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