Stroller Reflections

Settling into the autumn routine also means getting used to the early sunsets. And while some folks are winding down for the day at dusk, lots of moms may still be on the go (an attempt at an evening jog, last-minute groceries for dinner at Trader Joes, an evening coffe-time with a friend etc.) - with babes in toe. I know when Freida was a newborn (and the first few months after that), I was always out at dark... I would go to evening classes and get some fresh air by walking there, and even in the late afternoon - walking home from shopping and play-dates etc.

I recently happened upon a wonderful invention for late-night moms-on-the-go: Wagalum Stroller Reflectors. Their tagline is "be seen, be safe", and I'm incredibly fond of the concept. I know when I'm driving, how easy it is to miss pedestrians at night - sometimes you don't see them until you are right in front of them! A stroller (especially a dark one), is even more unlikely to be seen in the dark. These reflectors are a great safety precaution for this time of the year, and definitely a smart buy for you city-moms - always out and about in throngs of traffic...


(doesn't look like they are in the US, but if you are an American retailer - go for it, please!)

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