Arts Through the Lens of: Andrew Zuckerman

The hot-topic right now is Andrew Zuckerman and his newly published project, Music. I don't know anyone who is not a fan of his work - his lens produces epic captures! And I'm especially fond of his publication for kids, Creature ABC. Come to think of it, his Creature Floor Puzzles ($24.95) are probably one of the most timeless ways to gift a Wii-era child... lend them an appreciation for beauty and affection for creatures of the earth. With Chanukah around the corner and kids receiving way too many high-tech toys,  this may inspire you to take it down a notch - spend some time puzzled over on the floor again! These images are quite incredible, check this:

I can't wait to check out Music:

"The Music project features dynamic portraits of over fifty musicians of all ages, from across genres, who provide their perspectives on one of the most universal and yet unexplainable art forms. Music is available as a book, which includes portraits and interviews as well as access to a feature-length film; it is also available as an iPad app, with text and portraits from the book as well as individual films for each contributor exclusive to the app."

Here's a sneak peek:


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