Collaborate, baby!

Now this is why the "collaboration thing" totally rocks!! When Gwyneth Paltrow (who was surprisingly fabulous singing at the CMA Awards last night! Watch her performance here.)  spent months in Nashville on set for the indie film "Country Strong", she had an interior decorator work with an empty, raw space and turn it into something she and her family could live in peacefully, albeit temporarily. I read about the renovations on (one of my favorite online-spots!) Goop, and spotted a Blu Dot  sofa in her children's bedroom - almost identical to our Blu Dot for Urban Outfitters find in Freida's room. Here's the catch: her's was retail for $900 vs. ours which was a BD for UO collaboration ($648) swaged on clearance for a measly $125!! Our "Benzo" has wooden legs instead of steel ones, and I'm sure the "Flat Out" is a lot more comfortable to sleep on, but there are ways to score big on design, ladies!


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