Apples & Beatles

I've been so fascinated by the outcome of Beatles on iTunes, and I can't seem to get over it! I just find it so incredible that the music my parents grew up on is top-selling on iTunes today!! Am I the only one who finds this so impeccably enthralling?? Maybe it's because I grew up listening to a "Best of the Beatles" cassette tape on my walkman and felt very cool that I was enjoying the music of my parent's era, or maybe because my childhood best friend and I would put on "Beatles Shows" on the couch in her family's living room, or maybe because I thought "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was about Candy Land - either way, somehow, I'm completely inspired by the awesomeness of Apple's ability in managing to completely erase the five-decade difference between generations - bringing the Beatles on vinyl to the Beatles on iPod. Simply wondrous!

This video clip gives me chills:


Plus, this commercial makes me laugh!!


Their ad campaign has been simplistically incredible, as well. I guess their music will never really die... My husband and I sat in the second row at the broadway Rain (we loved it!!), and my 2 year old is a little die-hard Ringo Starr wannabe (and one of her favorite songs is "All you Need is Love")! Some things are simply too good to grow old...

Now if only we could reduce the parent/child generation gap in a few more ways than music. :)

P.S. I'm totally smitten by this "Beatles Ten Great Years" print from Max Dalton! How cute?? (via A Cup of Jo)

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