Babysitter Board

Sometime during the past year I posted about the "framed glass = whiteboard" concept. A little while after that I decided to work the same feature into our Babysitter Info sheet. Now I've seen this sort of thing popping up all over the web, and thought I'd share the convenience.

Any good mom knows you have to leave information for the babysitter, it's just the content of that important information that usually gets neglected. In case of an emergency, when calling 911 it's much more efficient to know the address and phone number you are calling from. It's also important to know the legal name of the child/children in care. The parents cell phone numbers are obvious, and special instructions for the night are usually written down as well. Here's a simplified way to bring it all together...

Buy any picture frame (large enough for this amount of info), and either print out or write up all the most important things your sitter may need to know on a white paper in the upper half of the frame. Leave the bottom half of the paper blank, and you now have a dry-erase area to leave your babysitter with special instructions, or directions to work the TV/DVD player, password for the computer, where you hid your 7 year olds PSP until after dinner etc..

Any dry-erase markers will work on glass, but go with a smaller/medium point so that it'll be easier to write with in a small space.

Here's to making a busy-mom's life just a bit easier...!

* Had to go back and retouch that photo a bit - it dawned on me that I stupidly had my address and telephone numbers on the www! Sorry about the smudginess...

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