Happy (Solar) New Year!!

Wishing you all the happiest of new beginnings, and a fresh start to one of the most important aspects to a mom: the Calendar. Be it a life-sized family-shared wall calendar that keeps track of ballet recitals, soccer practice, PTA meetings, and the birthday party that you thought was this Sunday but was (oops!) last Tuesday, or your own personal planner filled with weekly meal plans, an abundance of "to-dos", preschool performance dates, a year's worth of work meetings, and way too many lists... 2011 is bringing us a fresh page, making us feel (even just a teeny-tiny bit) more organized than yesterday.

Just don't forget to squeeze yourself into all that family planning!! From a simple pedicure, to a girls weekend beach getaway, to unwinding after bedtimes with a glass of red wine; taking care of ourselves is an integral part of being a good mother and a good wife. A bit of tweaking to the scheduling and you won't believe how much you can fit in for you!

Dr. Christiane Northrup is most famously quoted for having said, "Healthy caregiving absolutely must include the mother herself.", and I think that is the most timeless of advice.

Here's to resolving in setting aside time for us this year...!

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