We're On the Tutu Train

Freida's infatuation with severely gnarly tutus (or any tulle, for that matter!) is rapidly spiraling out of control. Sometimes I have to literally wrestle her to get them off before bath or bed! She cries and holds onto the elastic waistband with such tight fists that her knuckles go white, whimpering "princess, princess". I know it's quite pathetic. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be one of those moms, whose kids show up at preschool each and every day sporting the same Buzz Lightyear rain-boots, or (worse!) Cinderella princess dress. I thought I was destined for a tomboy, a daughter after my own heart... not a fairy-wing loving, lipstick adoring, pirouette perfecting, tea-party obsessing child --- but I absolutely adore her, even more for all the unfamiliar princess quirks that come along with her!! Plus, she's teaching me a thing or two about being a lady (I never wore pink - now it's my favorite color!), and I must admit, tea-time with a group of stuffed animals and my little love calling out "pinkies up!" has proven to be rather relaxing and satisfying.

But, the gnarly Tutus must be nipped in the bud - especially now that I'm quite certain she will be seen in public adorned in "princess" garb at some future point...

That's what brings me to currently coveting these beauties:

How breathtaking are these??? By the incredibly awesome Australian tutu producers: TutuDuMonde. All tutus are hand-made and hand-dyed - lending each a one-of-a-kind feel inspired by vintage couture. Now that's more like it!

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