Crayon Love!

We will be making the voyage back to the Golden State this evening - with a little girl who is slightly under the weather in tow. Unfortunately it seems Freida contracted the tummy bug that was going around this neck of the woods this week... She has been sleeping off this little bout of stomach virus all day yesterday, and today as well. Not keeping much food down, but being hungry at the same doesn't can't possibly make for a pleasant mile-high toddler traveler. I was looking into changing our flight, but she doesn't have fever and I think she would love to be home in her own bed for the duration of this gnarly virus (one of my cousins had it the night after the wedding, and he said it was 24 hours flat, so here's to hoping!). Anyways, I've been gathering up my stuff from around the house, and attempting to pack back up without leaving a trail of forlorn randoms behind. I'll make a trip out to Bagel Country in a few hours to get some good grub for the dinnertime flight, and I guess I'll stop into the Hallmark shoppe next door to scavenge some cute stickers and color-ins for Freida. I happened upon one of the most adorable Etsy shops this week, and I'm wishing I had some of these to help me out in the entertainment department at 30,000 feet!

(I blogged about these famous (and overpriced) Crayon Rings a while ago, but these are actually attainable! Plus, they happen to be even cuter to boot!)

By LilDoodlers on Etsy from $10

These would make for a super-cute addition to a kids Purim basket. Sweet!

And these alphabet crayons would be such a cute party loot-bag stuffer - in each kids initial.

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