Weekend Round-up!

Wishing you all a fantastic extended weekend! Hope you manage to get up to something adventurous (even if it is just a new recipe for dinner!) with the extra free-time...

Here's some links of things I've seen this week that I've been meaning to share:

Little wooden action figures - of American Presidents!

- Those needle felted alphabet balls make for an instant heirloom + heaps of learning: letters, numbers, shades of colors...

- Did you hear the fabulous news from H&M??

- How fun would this concept be for a Purim? (Too bad my husband is hooked on being DJ Lance!)

- This has got to be the most glamorous way to jot down a mom's many little blurbs.

- This puzzle rug is pretty rad!

- Did you see the Justin Beiber Shema video? It's gone viral! Gotta be tough to have so many different "gods" to pray to. Boy, am I glad my life is simplified by having just The One.

- A modern and tangible take on the Family Tree puts it right up there on the wall!

Thankfully, the sun is peeking through those stubborn rain clouds; we plan on doing some serious outdoor shopping this afternoon, then having family dinner of spinach-pesto cheese lasagna, arugula salad, and garlic toasts. After Freida is tucked-in (and when my husband returns from playing Sunday basketball) we'll be sitting down to enjoy the new Sofia Coppola movie Somewhere (we landed a Screen Actors Guild "for your consideration" copy from a friend of a friend - all about the connections!). Enjoy your weekend!!!

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