Weekend Round-up!

Loving the long-awaited heat blast out here! We spent all morning yesterday at Mother's Beach, and I relished in finally having a child big enough to play on her own. I lay in the sunshine on a beach towel up on the dry sand while Freida frolicked at the sea shore, attempted a sand castle construction, dug giant holes, and ran to and from the waters edge filling and lugging back buckets of salty sea water for 2 whole hours. Bliss!

Here are some things I've been meaning to share:

- Remember the tree bookshelf? It's finally here!

- This "TweetSeat" made me smile.

- This even-more-exciting TV news makes me want to dance!

- My latest article over at the Algemeiner.

- Those Appaman suits + vans sneakers!

- I'm thinking about this breakfast for Sunday night dinner... mmm!

Wishing you all a fabulous sunshine-soaked weekend!

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