Cupcake Liner Flowers

Cupcake liner flowers are sure an oldie, but a goodie. My husband spent yesterday morning doing this little flower craft with Freida while I turned up the kitchen heat. We used pastel colored cupcake liners, Do-A-Dots, and pipe cleaners. The dots bled onto the cupcake paper and created a totally rad watercolor-tie-dye effect. Freida may be used to crafts, but she has been über-excited about the concept of Mount Sinai suddenly sprouting grass and flowers on-demand and so she simply stoked to get in on the action! Plus, since she kept trying to smell them, I let her spritz them up with some body splash which really seemed to up the fun factor. I weighed down a ceramic bud vase with some marbles (so it wouldn't tip as easily), and now I've got some cute and colorful florals that make me smile and make her feel proud and involved in the festivities! The home fragrance is just a bonus. :)

It's such an easy almost-mess-free activity, that it'd be the perfect thing to occupy the little ones while you finish off in the kitchen tomorrow...

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