Festive Threads: Yair Emanuel

Happy Monday, Mamas! Thought I'd jump straight into the week through a little window of holiday past, and share some of the most beautiful Judaic silk embroidery that can surprisingly be found at many Judaica stores across the country.

My sister-in-law (thanks Masha!!) brought back some Challah covers from Israel last year, and while I'm not usually the biggest fan of Judaica gifts - I was smitten by the vibrant and colorful ethnic embroideries of Yair Emanuel. It's quite amazing how much life can be brought to the table through one piece of practical art! Plus, setting up the tablescape for a party is much simpler when you can follow a general color lead. And Emanuel's pieces offer just that - a tremendous color scheme.

The cover I got is called "Creation", and features bright various hues of silk thread beautifully stitching out the 7 days of creation onto raw cotton; lending the already-ethnic art that much more raw authentic validity... Feels like a little piece of Jerusalem.

P.S. The paper goods are Caspari - always beautiful!


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