Apple Stamping

We had a little lesson on apple exploration, and whilst cutting open apples of different shapes and sizes I decides to whip out the paint and let her do some apple stamping.

Once there, I cut up some white cardstock and figured she could create some Shana Tova cards. All you need for these cute and colorful litte cards is an apple, paint, cardstock, do-a-dot stampers, and a black marker.

The apple we used was cut lengthwise, and Freida stamped it once on the front of each card. After they dried I let her mess around with dot stampers on the front and back. I then simply outlined the initial apple stamp and wrote some new year's wishes on the front. You can then do whatever you'd like inside the card (I stuck a printed photo of her doing the apple stamping), and give to family and friends (I don't know any Bubby who wouldn't appreciate this sort of crafted nachas!). :)


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