After giving birth to Freida at 4.8lbs, I drove myself (and those around me) nuts about finding some clothing that would actually fit her. We scoured the stores for preemie clothing, and came out with outfits that were still much too large, and cheesy to boot. It seemed even the smallest of preemie clothes were made too wide or too long, and she was swimming in everything. I remember wishing she had just one cute thing to wear when people came to visit, or when I took her out for walks... One night, in a wave of frustration over her tiny body, I took the preemie hat from Gap off of her head (it kept sliding over her nose anyway), and cut into it with a scissor! I got out a hotel-grade sewing kit and started to sew up a new seam, making the hat half it's size. :) Eventually, I learned that since I swaddle her all day anyways, all I really needed were cute swaddle blankets - what she was wearing beneath them made no difference. When she was about 6 months old (and fat!), I discovered Zutano and their Itzy Bitzy line. Preemie clothing in adorable prints, available in soft cotton and organic threads. Too bad it was too late.

Anyways, this time around when my OB told me my baby was likely to be around 5-6 pounds I made sure to pick up some preemie clothing from Zutano before delivery. Hudi was born 5.13lbs, and has been living in her Zutano basics since she came home from the hospital.

I love the fresh prints, bright colors, but most of all - I love that they're made to fit!!

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