Baby Gym Beauties

No baby item has got itself as bad a rap as the "baby gym". (Well, maybe the exersaucer. But that's for another post.) Gnarly colors, awful illustrations, and cheap synthetics all amount to a pile of yuckiness for a price that isn't quite on the low-ball end of things anyways! Well, this morning I'd love to share a few baby gyms that are not at all an eyesore to your overall design aesthetics, and are even quite living room worthy (high and low):

Finn + Emma Wooden Play Gym - comes in chocolate and birch, $135

Natural Wood Baby Gym - handmade of VOC-free Baltic Birch $90

Ikea Leka Baby Gym - bentwood design on the cheap! $25

Mid-Century Modern Baby Gym DIY - craftiness + power tools + $25!!

(Shoutout of thanks to our Babyccino models Sara Leah and Chana!! :))

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