Paperless Post

Yesterday, while working on a Babyccino birthday, I was deciding how to go about creating an online invitation, and discovered the very beautiful and enchanting world of Paperless Post. I landed there thanks to an invite I received via email a while ago (thanks Atara!!)  featuring the cutest, not-at-all cheesy firetruck! While I was never very keen on using Evite, the immense simplicity and practicality of a site like that was much too attractive to pass up - even though their awful invite designs make almost everyone nauseous. Well, there's now a cure - the folks over at Paperless Post have seriously delivered!!! A wonderfully designed website, a genius method of purchase, classy and tactful function - all wrapped up with a slew of insanely beautiful invitations!!

Not only is the art just breathtaking, but the variety of formats are a breath of fresh air! Check out the paper texture in these e-cards:

Plus, somehow they manage to make even the most basic party themes chic and gorgeous!! Robot party anyone? Red balloon? Aren't they just adorable??

I'm so looking forward to my next party!! :)

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