Blackberries + Sage

After all the talk about cold cocktails, I ended up making none of the ones I posted for Shavuos - but something far yummier! Blackberry Sage Coolers - blackberry juice + sage simple syrup + vodka + club soda.

I found it pretty last minute on Pinterest, and just couldn't leave it be! I had already picked up heaps of fresh plump blackberries, so I just had my husband (thanks love!) grab some fresh sage on a last-minute market run. I completely forgot to print up the recipe, and since it was only online it left me with a wee bit of holiday/technology-age frustration... I had to make do with what I retained from memory. I had already squeezed the black berry juice (this recipe says to puree it, but (since I have an odd fondness for sensory activities) I hand squeezed the berries through a cheesecloth (wear plastic gloves - it stains skin!!). I forgot the part about crushing the leaves, and simply cooked sage leaves in a pot with water and sugar, making a fragrant sage syrup. I mixed the juice with the syrup, added vodka, and let it sit overnight. Before the meal I filled the pitcher up with seltzer and added fresh whole berries and extra sage leaves as garnish. Plus, heaps of ice. The result was a light spiked soda with an earthy fragrance and a bright aftertaste. Try it!!

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