I recently started having some mild back pain, and while it's pretty normal to have some posterior discomfort after having a baby (laboring positions,breast weight, carrying a child around, bad posture for breastfeeding etc.), I really think mine is in part due to the fact that I haven't been keeping up with all the Yoga I was doing while pregnant... I definitely feel a difference in my flexibility and my core strength, and it's resulting in a pain in the back! (I must get back onto the Tracy Anderson train!!!)

Anyways, while I scrounge around for my post-pregnancy DVD (Freida seems to have her hand in all the multi-media in this house!), I thought I'd let you all in on an interesting city-find - Yoga studios that cater directly to mothers!  I wish I would have heard about MaYoga while I was carrying Hudi! With studios in Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa, Hancock Park, and Sherman Oaks, it's pretty much a hop, skip, and a sun-salutation away from just about anyone in this city. They offer a free trial class, and I'm definitely looking forward to heading down there to give their post-natal Yoga a go. You can check out the assortment of classes and other information about them here.

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