Lady Ladybug!

When I read online that you can buy a bucket of ladybugs at any local nursery, I couldn't resist!! I actually bought them for the Babyccino clan since our theme on Monday was all about ladybugs. It was so awesome to see those little polka-dotted bugs crawling up pudgy little baby arms, and on and off of baby-sized Saltwater sandals, and it was also awesome to see the kids reaction to the many bugs continuously coming out of the container - such sweet awe!! Anyways, when the kids attention span was up, I capped the container and brought the remnants home for Freida. She couldn't believe I brought her bugs! I don't know if you remember her bug obsession, but let's just say these $4 bugs made a little lady very, very happy!

You can buy a bucket of bugs online here, or pick them up at any local nursery. Summer fun!!

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