Modern Crafts

Yesterday was Freida's last little day at Gan Chai :(

She been telling everyone "my Morah Esther is crying right now because she is going to miss us so much." (HUGEST thank you to the best Auntie Morah ever!!). She's also been telling everyone (mailman, neighbors, stray cat) "My Gan is over and it's the Summer and I'm starting MOMMYCAMP!". Nothing like a little pressure, eh?

Anyways, to jumpstart your children-home-from-school days I thought I'd let you in on some fabulous crafting supplies and kits that are just around your corner. Apparently, Kid Made Modern has collaborated with Target! I was so excited when I was browsing the aisles and happened upon a heap of Kid Made Modern supplies! Who knew?? You gotta love the minimalistic and cheerful packaging, plus the little details - like the names of the colored pencil shades. :)

If you have a little window with your kids home between school and camp, or just want to arm yourself with some spur-of-the-moment entertainment for the evenings, head over and snag yourself some of the modern jewelry kits, a hip duct-tape crafting set, make-your-own board book kit, giant gem crayons, acrylic paints, and heaps more goodies!!

Cheers to Todd Oldham! And cheers to Summer break (hope you're not driven to drinking already)!

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