Freidafroo + Babyccino = PLAY!

So here's the latest installment, girls: I'm starting a modern form of "day care"  in my home this year! I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while now, and since Freida will be going off to school in September, and I'll be home giving myself over to Hudi and her itty-bitty education set on exploring her life and the world around her - I thought I'd invite some other little ones over to play! I'll be opening my home to little friends for 3 hours, 3 days a week - in a quest to bring babies together for our teeny-tiny explorations and adventures!

Here is the mock-up for how I envision PLAY:

The goal of PLAY is to encourage little children to grow through play, and to learn through fun - we're not afraid to get our hands dirty in the process. Little senses will be developed as we expose young fingers to a myriad of textures, small ears to many different forms of sound and music, little palates and noses to diverse tastes, flavors, and aromas and an array of interesting things to look at and learn about. Also, early social skills will develop as the children share time together, and will be honed as they continuously interact with their little friends. Baby sign language is continuously being proven to minimize the frustration of pre-talkers and in turn reduce early tantrums and meltdowns, and will be used consistently by the care-takers while playing, eating, and especially - transitioning. Think of PLAY as a teeny-tiny community made up of the most important pint-sized individuals on kids.
Obviously, that was much too much information to slap onto a postcard or flyer, but here you have it folks.
Since PLAY will only be operating 3 days a week, it's really ideal for 3 different moms: "the freelancer" (can enroll her child and obtain 9 uninterrupted day-time work hours a week!), "the part-time employee" (can reap the benefits of some educational care vs. housekeeper care - a few hours a week of social interactivity with other babies and age-appropriate education and exploration), and "the full-time mom" (can double-down on her sanity by freeing-up some time for peaceful grocery shopping, or solo exercising - while feeling great about what her baby is getting up to in the meantime!).
But of course, it's just great for everyone and anyone who wants to give their baby some real time to PLAY!
We're now open for registration!! If you're interested, please email me: freidafroo@gmail(dot)com as space is very limited.

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