Weekend Round-up!!

I took off this weekend and headed across the expanse of the western desert to visit my sister in Scottsdale. When I left LA early Friday morning, the city was a sight of rare rain-ridden terrain, and I got a little nervous about the drive with my 4 month old. I'm not usually one to get overly nervous about a drive or a trip, and panic-y feelings I started having made me realize just how much I needed to get away! Do you ever get randomly anxious or suddenly go overboard with the worrying? I feel like whenever I find myself getting to that place, where the smallest things can take me over the edge - I really need to relax and take some time out. Thankfully, my husband was avidly on-board with my travel plans, and I really can't thank him (and all of Freida's amazing aunties!) enough for taking such good care of her while I was on leave!!

Once I took to the road and was halfway through an iced latte I eased up a bit and felt much better... My drive out here was lovely (all but the hour of monsoonal torrential downpour - most frightening hour ever!), and Hudi was a joy to travel with!

It took a little more than 5 hours - with two road-side feeding stops. It was so fun to be with Hudi in such a one-on-one setting. I was fixated on how simple it was to travel with one suckling babe; no snacks, no toys, no potty-stops - just some breastfeeding on my lap and a sporadic diaper change on the passenger seat!! Pie! :)

Anyways, while I lap up the last of my mini vacation here in the desert - sunbathing, swimming, and sister-chatting, here are a few things I've been meaning to share with you this week, and I'll be back in full-swing on Monday! Hope your weekend was a happy one!

- I now understand how important it is to find your neutral - it does wonders for ones complexion!

- Quinoa sushi, anyone?

- Garden hose envy!

- A really beautiful kitchen-goods shoppe.

- When art is good art.

- This made me laugh so hard at first. And then just left me feeling grateful...

- One of the reasons I love living in a big city/community.

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