Natural History

There are some wonderful exhibits going on right now at the Natural History Museum of LA, and I thought I'd share the details in case you've got the kids on your hands in between school and camp for a few more days (is Freida the only one who starts school after Labor Day?). Truth is, Freida has been weirdly and wildly obsessed with dinosaurs for a while now, and we really trekked out to NHM (which we usually reserve for a trip to the Butterfly Pavilion) for the Dinosaur Encounters (since she had become interested on her own, I had been searching for local exhibits and such to cultivate her curiosity and work with her natural excitement). But once we were there I was thrilled to see they had a exhibit of animal horns - perfect trip for Elul!

They had a completely interactive hands-on display of all sorts of horns and antlers! I was even educational for me - I never realized quite how many different shapes and forms horns can be! And it was interesting to me that horns and antlers are made up of two completely different things - I always thought they were kind of the same thing and that we only use certain kosher animals horns for a Shofar, but it turns out antlers are made of solid bone and can not be hollowed as opposed to horns which are actually made of the same thing as nails. #JudaicWeirdness. :)

Aside from the horn exhibit, we had a crazy-cool time at the Dino Encounters!! It was fantastic! Check it out here.

And, of course, the Butterfly Pavilion is always a favorite! It's only around for another week or two, so if you got the kids on your hands go check it out!!!

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