Welcome to winter dear readers! Hope you're all snuggly and warm this first winters weekend night - wrapped in a throw on the sofa, enwrapped in an old black and white film, perhaps? :) "winter" pinterest board

Over here we rang in the season with some cousins visiting for dinner (thanks for coming Tzip!!), and all the kids whipping up a few batches of hot cocoa - whipped cream, marshmallows - the works! Freida was completely over the moon about the general invention of hot cocoa, and was pretty munch bouncing and bounding off the walls with excitement while Hudi swiped and popped mini mallows like a pro.

I always wonder if everyone gets all "nest-y" as the winter season sets in...? I always find myself cleaning, sorting, sprucing, cooking etc. this time of year. It's as if I have some intrinsic anthropological clock inside of me telling me it's time to hibernate and bolster my nest for the cold. I always buy a warmly-fragrant plant or two (this year I picked up a lush lavender bush for my entryway), invest in a new wooly throw (I'm coveting this one), and re-stock my coffee&tea station (we've been sipping lots of "get" teas). It's as if I walked out of a chapter in The Birth House! Please tell me some of you ladies relate??

"winter" pinterest board

In any case, in an attempt to inhibit my winter weirdness, I started pinning on my "winter" themed Pinterest board. Check it out for some winter-y inspiration!

"winter" pinterst board

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